November 4, 2021

16 Corporate Party Themes For an Unforgettable Event

If you've been tasked with planning your company party this year and are looking for corporate events themes and inspiration: look no further.

Many event planners find that a strong party theme can add structure to the décor and activities and tie everything neatly together. Adding a sense of coherence can also add to the atmosphere of a corporate event.

Creative Corporate Event Themes

Corporate events vary very drastically in atmosphere, style, and size.

This is why we've carefully selected an extensive assortment of unique and fun corporate event themes to help get your creative juices flowing!

1. Casino

The atmosphere of a proper casino is classic. For the ultimate Vegas experience, this is one of the most popular corporate event themes you can choose.

Colour schemes are simple. Blacks, reds, and whites in the style of playing cards are a great choice to fill the space. Create a classy atmosphere with stylish tables and a fitting dress code like you are in a James Bond movie!

Getting the activities right is the key to success with a casino corporate event theme. What's a casino without games?

Slot machines, poker tables, roulette, and more are just some of the games your attendees can partake in.

Food and drink can include sophisticated appetizers, champagne, and canapes to keep things suitable glamorous.

roulette betting at casino

2. Outer Space

Aliens and astronauts, it's time to party!

An outer space theme offers opportunities for creative decor, catering, and entertainment.

Spray funky green and purple glitter fabrics as necessary. Use black tablecloth pairs with mini monograms on the centerpiece.

Bringing out the cocktail flame or smoke to create an alien ambiance will make the party feel otherworldly in an instant. A dancing room filled with laser lights offers an illusion of altered reality. In rooms with twinkling lights and black star cloth, you can get galactic as you bring the cosmos to life!

Recreate the feeling of a space vessel with smoke machines, NASA branded props, and more. Why not go a step further and have a space battle with laser tag tournaments between meal courses?

space background with stars

3. Enchanted Forest

Set up a forest-style atmosphere with live plants that will leave you breathless. Carefully include lighting between trees and plants for a completely magical sense.

Foliage is absolutely necessary for a forest theme to take shape. The more greenery, the better!

Make your event magical with mysterious and mythical creatures such as gnomes, elves, dragons, fairies, sorcerers, goblins, and more.

Add ivy and a little sparkling of fairy dust on dining tables. You can also have venue staff serve guests at your event whilst wearing woodland elf-style costumes. Exotic and mysterious nectar drinks from the deep woodland can really cement this woodland theme.

enchanted forest with magical doors

4. Hawaiian Luau

Go tropical for your corporate event.

A lot of corporate party theme ideas can be a little serious, formal, or can lack a bit of colour.

A tropical Hawaiian luau is anything but that. It's full of vibrant decor, great music, awesome food and all-round good vibes.

The dress code can be anything from Hawaiian shirts to grass skirts and flower lei's. Let attendees feel free to ditch the black tie and have some fun!

Decorate your venue with tiki torches, inflatable palm trees and of course a tiki-themed bar with cocktails featuring various tropical fruits and coconut flavours.

Bright colours, huge shades and authentic steel drummers can make guests feel like they are living it up on a tropical island. 

hawaiian cocktail with umbrella and pineapple

5. School Reunion

Whilst many might like to completely forget their school days and not relive the cringe, it can be a really unique and fun opportunity to give your guests the chance to enjoy being an angsty teenager again.

Of course, the dress code speaks for itself. No one is allowed in unless they are in school uniform! Period! Really take your guests back to high school with school cafeteria buffet food and a live 90's band playing all the classic bangers.

On the DJ playlist, include seminal tracks for a proper throwback. The days of the school disco will return as all of your guests do the 'Cha-Cha Slide' in unison. An image to remember for sure.

disco ball at a party

6. Harry Potter

If you want a really unique themed event for your corporate party this year, why not take things to Hogwarts?

Cast a spell on your guests and turn them from regular old muggles to magical witches and wizards.

The ideas for this theme are endless. Both the Harry Potter books and movies are full of so much inspiration and visual theme ideas, you'll have an endless source of fun to choose from.

Your invitations should of course be sealed with an authentic Hogwarts stamp.

Sort attendees into different houses at the beginning of the event with your own sorting hat, and pit them against each other with trivia games!

Serve your very wizarding beverage such as Butterbeer to keep guests in good spirits.

harry potter themed clothes and props

7. Masquerade Ball

Time to get classy and elaborate with this corporate party theme.

Organizing a luxurious masquerade ball gives guests a wonderful reason to dress up and feel a touch of decadence. Ballgowns and stunning masks are part of the dress code here.

Decorate the venue with Italian and Venetian-inspired backdrops, lamps, drapes, and chandeliers to make guests feel like they have been taken to the heart of Rome.

If you are able to find a venue or space with a water feature and naturally aged characteristics, it can make for incredible photo opportunities. The food should also match your event theme. A gourmet spread for that Renaissance style.

masquerade masks and drink on bar

8. Festival Event Theme

One of the best ideas for live music lovers is an outdoor musical festival-themed party. Transport your guests to Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Slam Dunk, Download, or Latitude in an instant for a night of incredible tunes and memorable musical moments.

Find an outdoor venue or space that has the capacity for staging and start searching for live bands that can perform at your corporate event.

Indie-style bands are a great idea for the festival event theme and can offer something for everyone. Music, good vibes, food, and drink. 

It's the perfect theme to plan without too much thought, prop hire, or big budget expenses. Allocate the majority of your budget to a killer band or lineup of music acts so guests can dance and sing all night long.

guitarist playing on stage being photographed in red light

9. Carnival

Roll up, roll up!

For a party filled with fun and games, you can't go far wrong with a carnival-styled event theme.

What could be more fun than hosting the most spectacular circus affair around? Underneath the guise of a huge tent you can keep attendees happy and entertainment with fairground food, different carnival games, and prizes.

Colours of reds, golds and whites work well as you play the role of ringmaster.

As well as hiring entertainers such as clowns, jugglers, acrobats and magicians, this also offers attendees a chance at dressing up in weird and wacky ways.

Balloon artists, stilt walkers, fire performers and more are all great options for spellbinding circus entertainment.

Candy floss machines, photo booths and popcorn carts are just a handful of the exciting props you can choose from to imbue your carnival party.

fire performer spitting fire at night

10. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders themed corporate parties are still as popular as ever.

It's all about enthralling your attendees in the mystery of a bygone era. Make the entrance to your party hidden with a password entry for that extra intrigue and drama.

Dark settings, furniture that is Art Deco-inspired and low-lit lamps should create a secretive atmosphere as flat caps and gin bars really transform the room to feel authentic.

As well as the venue and decoration, music is really important to set the desired vibe. 1920's bands and singers bring the perfect look and sound for any Peaky Blinders event. Post-Modern musicians are a really unique choice for a suitably vintage soundtrack.

peaky blinders costumes

11. Back To The 80s

The 80s were eye-popping, to say the least.

So many fashion trends can be revisited here including thick hair, scrunchies, shoulder pads, ripped jeans, too much eyeliner, and more for a rad retro bash.

You also leave the option open for 80s movie-inspired fancy dress, as well as 80s music dress code ideas.

Set the scene with neon lighting and a retro video games station for that sense of nostalgia and luminosity.

It goes without saying that you need killer live 80s music to top things off. Spandau Ballet, Madonna, Culture Club, Bon Jovi... the list goes on. Create an unforgettable 80s corporate event with an incredible live band to fill the dance floor!

80s themed party

12. Winter Wonderland

Holiday parties are the perfect chance to wrap up the year nicely. Many office parties happen towards the end of the year, so a winter wonderland theme can seem like the perfect option during the festive season.

Decor options are almost endless here. You can sway more towards a 'Christmassy' feel with baubles, reds, greens, and Santa-themed props.

Or, you can go more formal with soft white on silver trimmings, shimmering snowflakes and transparent balloons for that clean feeling. Blues and whites with clever uplighting can bring sparkling jewel tones and winter vibes.

Music and dancing is a great way to celebrate the Christmas period with your co-workers. You could have a lively party band to get everyone up and dancing, or even opt for traditional Christmas music.

Food should feel soulful and homely. Christmas dinner vibes with mulled red wine, cozy blankets and more!

christmas bauble

13. German Oktoberfest

Host your own Bavarian-themed corporate event and transport your attendees straight to one to one of Munich’s many biergartens.

Serve some light food by mixing the beers and pretzels. Top it off with bratwurst and saurktraut for that authentic German beer festival feeling.

Dress code includes suspenders, hats, Lederhosen and more. Keep things simple and light-hearted.

Obviously, you need beer. Lots of it. Ship from authentic Munich breweries to really go the extra mile!

For a proper beer festival, you will want to keep everyone in good spirits. Between the beer and good food comes live music in bursts. Oompah bands get everyone up and in a great mood for drinking, laughing and dancing.

german oktoberfest beer drinking

14. Deep Ocean

Create a coral and ocean style under the sea shindig for a really unique event theme.

The deep ocean is full of mystery and wonder. Incorporate blue lights to represent the layers of the sea and all the creatures that live there.

A seafood buffet can be a great idea for a swimmingly enchanting food option.

Prompt attendees to show up as their favourite sea creature! Get awesome photo opportunities as staff dress up as lobsters, crabs, jellyfish, sharks, and a plethora of weird and wonderful sea critters.

A modern twist on the ocean theme is to have a glorious mermaid and enchanting seaweed style decoration for a mix of greens, golds, and blues.

jellyfish at sea

15. Hollywood

Make everyone at the office feel like a real movie star. Channel your inner Tom Cruise as you stroll down the red carpet to a glitzy glamour hall.

An amazing way to make that 'red carpet' experience feel really special is to hire Paprazzi photographers as your Hollywood event photographers. Have everyone looking swish and striking a pose as they arrive.

Golds and blacks usually work well here for glitzy and sophisticated affair. Movie quizzes, fashion shows, movie star cutouts as special guests and VIP sections are just some of the cool ideas you can include for fun.

To end the night in style, go lavish with a big swing band for your live music!

red carpet award ceremony

16. Murder Mystery 

At first glance this one might sound a little morbid... but it's unbelievably fun!

A classic 'whodunnit' murder mystery-themed party is a super creative way of bringing everyone together to complete a singular goal. Find the murderer!

As the night progresses, events will unfold before your eyes as you try to figure out the pieces of the puzzle.

Murder mystery parties can take place in any time period or setting. Present-day, in the past, future, or some faraway fantasy land.

If you are smart about it, you could fuse one of the above themes into your murder mystery and have a corporate event to really remember!

murder mystery party

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